Drawing is my special ability. When I was five years old, I started drawing for the first time. I feel it is a way for me to put my dreams on paper. My favorite things to draw are Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Disney and animals rather than people. My favorite animals to illustrate are tigers, zebras, cats, foxes, walruses, deer, and wolves. The medium I enjoy most is sketch and water color. Besides watercolors, I do charcoal portraits, pastel portraits, Flash animation acrylics, and occasionally oil paints. I started Flash animation in early 2000’s with my dad. People that have influenced my art are Walt Disney, Jim Henson, Chuck Jones, and Tim Burton.

I love to work at Night Stand Creations because I’ve animated Tinosaurs an animated series that is for young children to learn. But unfortunately, I stopped working at Night Stand creations because of financial reasons on September of 2010. On November of 2010, I worked at Gencarelli’s Bakery and I love it! At the bakery, I decorate cookies, cakes, éclairs and cannolis. In 2011, I’ve worked at Jerry’s art store and I love it! At Jerry’s, I organize paints, pencils, pens, paintbrushes and erasers. Paloma who I met for the first time at JCC art exhibit and she introduced Devianart the website. I love to go on Deviantart because some people make comments on my artwork. I like to do pencils first, and then do ink and paint, then scan it, and submit my artwork. My goal is I want to be a famous animator and an illustrator.

Besides artwork, I like to excersise, going to beaches, countrysides, libraries, forests, swimming pools, movies, zoos, and classical music concerts. Thank you and enjoy my site.